About Tranquil County

With an aim to make senior living much more than just retirement, Tranquil County homes build a community. A community of people who live to seize the present to the maximum. We envision a life of no work and all play with indoor & outdoor games, spa & wellness programs, travel & shopping, cinema, voluntary social work and much more – a wholesome life with avenues to discover oneself and enjoy life to the fullest.


Our Vision

To be the vanguard in providing holistic senior care, amenities and quality life in a safe environment for our customers.

Our Mission

  • To support an eco-friendly environment.
  • To build gated communities for independence, peace, privacy and safety of the customers.
  • To constantly upgrade the skills of the employees through Training and Development programs.
  • To design and build dwellings as per the standards compatible with the needs of seniors.
  • To continuously keep pace with the changing technologies for the better living standards of the seniors.
  • To upgrade, optimize and standardize the business processes and make a world-class retirement community model.
  • To create holistic facilities that meet the physical, social, healthcare and emotional needs  of seniors from  different target groups.
  • To provide customer-centric service and transparency complying to ISO 9001-2008 standards in procedures, processes and methods.

In the outskirts of Bengaluru, wrapped in a peaceful setting, Tranquil County houses a number of facilities ranging from geriatrics to recreational, which are designed for your comfort. We have a flexible rental model that makes for a tranquil life a reality. At Tranquil County, we make a consolidated effort to give you a life you want. A life where seniority is just a number and nothing more.

Your Health Comes First
A 24/7 ambulance, 24/7 paramedic staff, on-call doctor, geriatric facilities along with yoga, meditation and other wellness programs.
Food For Your Soul
We serve Satvik Vegetarian food. Organic rice, fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain food. Gorge on healthy food for a healthy life!
A Staff That Loves To Care
Live a carefree lifestyle at Tranquil County with 24/7 security and staff that have your needs & your best interests in mind.
Flexible Rental Model
We sincerely believe that every senior deserves a life of bliss and our payment models are designed to be inclusive. That’s not all, our ‘Own Your Home’ model promises you eternal tranquility and our lease models make retirement a choice not an option.
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Anuradha Kaza


Anuradha Kaza is a beautiful blend of business & social service. Apart from an extensive experience of 22 years in the family construction business,she has been a crusader for niche educational courses and has promoted three Nursing institutions (B.Sc Nursing and GNM). An avid traveller, Mrs Kaza has a deep insight of the elderly in our society and is well informed about the dynamics between retired parents and their upwardly mobile children . Mrs. Kaza is also known to be a great cook.

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Dr. Anil Kumar Kaza

M.Tech, MBA, PhD

Dr. Kaza brings with him extraordinary work experience which comprises an interesting combination of government, education, corporate & entrepreneurship. He has worked for 5 years in the government, 12 years as a management professor and owned & headed an NIIT franchise for 9 years. The diversity in his work portfolio is not limited to industries alone; he has worked in India, U.S. & Middle East. Backed by his knowledge & experience, Tranquil County will be able to transform senior living in India.

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M.S. Physics  & Chemistry
Project Management, Stanford University.

With a profound 15 year experience in the banking industry, Sumitra Lavu is a specialist in bank security & risk management. Her phenomenal credentials in investigative bank systems & intelligence, make her a unique addition to our team. An alumnus of the prestigious Stanford University, Mrs. Lavu is currently a Financial Criminal Specialist at Wells Fargo Bank. In the past, she has worked for reputed institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Chevron & Washington Mutual Fund Services.

Greetings from Tranquil County !

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We remain thankful to you for your understanding and patience. This disclaimer is issued in the interest of prospective clients & consistent with the spirit of the law.

Tranquil County.