An active fitness regime for seniors becomes more important than ever before. It helps regulate symptoms of old-age illnesses & increases immunity. Regardless the age, any fitness plan will include 3 basic components-cardio fitness, resistance training & flexibility & balance.

Walking is the most popular cardio exercise. But for those who are vulnerable to joint problems, swimming or water aerobic classes are good options.

Aerobics or Zumba have also become popular among seniors. These exercises are rhythmic in nature and involve jumping, dancing etc which strengthen the muscles. They facilitate the respiration process, provide sufficient oxygen, improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, reduce rapid palpitation and help improve mental health.

For resistance training, some light weightlifting and other gym exercises would help. Always consult a personal trainer especially if you are new to fitness.

For flexibility & balance, Yoga, pilates or even Tai chi. are good options One of the most ancient forms, Yoga brings about the union of body, mind & spirit. Breathing exercises or Pranayama and meditation help reduce stress. Yoga also regulates blood pressure, glucose levels, and blood sugar levels. It makes the body flexible and promotes relaxation.
Tai chi, a fitness form of Chinese origin, is a series of flowing and graceful movements which are designed to facilitate the circulation of energy. Like yoga, Tai chi promotes flexibility, balance & good body awareness.

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