How Can Gardening For Seniors Be Healthy


Gardening doesn’t look like an activity which can make you fit, but it is one of healthiest hobbies one could nurture. One should not downplay the effects gardening can have on mental & physical health. With the body in a mostly sitting posture and involved in slow movements, it is easy to overlook its contribution to health.

But gardening has proven to be therapeutic for seniors. Known commonly as horticulture therapy, gardening can help in the following ways:


  • Improves focus & attention

  • Increases bone density due to the Vitamin D soaked by being outdoors

  • Improves sleep cycles

  • Reduces joint pains and muscular spasms

  • Increases stability, balance & control

  • Improves posture

  • Decreases depression or anxiety


One of the best things about gardening as an activity is that it can be pursued indoors & outdoors. Of course, outdoors is always preferred due to sunlight & fresh air, but during winter, indoor gardening is more of an option.

People also raise plants inside their homes. It is lovely to have fresh oxygen circulates in and around your house and plus their colours light up the house. So don’t even for a second think that you are limited because you don’t have a backyard or a garden. Gardening can be pursued even in residential living communities.

While some prefer solitude while gardening, others invite friends & family over and make it a community event.

The quiet, giving, caring & nurturing attributes attached to gardening, change people. They become more peaceful, don’t show much resistance to people or ideas and are more easy-going. Old age is the age of zero patience and a truckload of restlessness; well a little wilderness can change all that.


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