How Music Can Help In Healthy Aging


There is no soul on this earth who doesn’t like music. Have you ever wondered why? Music has a strong connection with the human brain. Music serves as a stress reliever, helps to think & focus better, sometimes makes us happy sometimes sad. Musical notes interact with our brain waves and impact our neurological system in different waves.

It is a science by itself.


So, one can only imagine the benefits it can on seniors.

  1. It Helps Build Memories: Multiple areas of brain react and as a result new neurons are formed and connections are made that make our memory more resilient; protect our memories.  Alzheimer & dementia patients will find it easier to locate certain memories.
  2. Uplifts Our Emotional State: Music makes good associations & connection with pleasant memories and reinforces good thoughts & a happy mood. Music can be therapeutic for many depression patients.
  3. Distraction From Physical Pain: Music helps in uplifting the emotional state, it helps in release of certain chemicals in the brain that helps in reinstating the mind in a positive state or state of well-being.
  4. Music Stimulates Body Movements: It instigates dancing, free flow of body gestures and persuades the body to move. This helps seniors with physical handicaps, it reassures them os movement of some kind and keeps the body active.
  5. Improves Sleep Quality: there are tracks composed to stimulate relaxation & sleep. There has been enough research done to prove the effect music has on sleep.
  6. Unites People: Music serves as a great bridge between people. Any get together is incomplete without music. People in the group seem to react in the same to a particular piece of music. It enhances the mood & lights up the environment. There is a feeling of togetherness; there is a sense of shared experience inspired by the music.

Old age can get quite monotonous, lonely & depressing. Music can really lift spirits and encourage seniors to try something new, look at life from a new perspective, and give them an escape from a dreary routine or a body ache!

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